The most important word in heavy haul trucking is safety

Posted by init357

Moving heavy and oversized equipment from point A to point B can seem overwhelming and even impossible. However, with the proper planning and equipment, heavy haul services can make even the most daunting shipments seem routine. De Mase Trucking and Rigging has over 45 years of experience in the industry and, as such, is properly equipped to handle even the most difficult of jobs. De Mase has built a reputation through success in a variety of aspects in the heavy hauling industry. The cornerstone to all we have accomplished is our impeccable safety record.

When planning to deal with an oversized load safely, there are a few basic things that must be considered on every job.

1. Use of the proper trailer
As an asset-based carrier, we have an extensive arsenal of trailers with various axle and trailer configurations at our disposal. Through years of over-dimensional and heavy hauling experience, we have gained the expertise and resources to ensure that the load is hauled in the safest and most economical way possible.

2. Experienced and well-trained operators
It is one thing to have drivers with the proper licensing and credentials. It is another thing to have qualified drivers who also have extensive training and experience operating the equipment under a variety of circumstances. De Mase checks both of those boxes, which helps ensure your cargo reaches its destination safely.

3. Proper placement and securing of the load
Proper weight distribution and load stability are critical to ensure the safety of the driving public and protect the integrity of the nation’s roads and highways. De Mase makes use of its cranes and other rigging and hoisting equipment to ensure that the weight of every load is properly distributed throughout the trailer involved in the project. Once the load is properly placed, it is effectively secured to ensure safe delivery.

4. Research and compliance with all regulatory requirements
Rules and regulations for heavy hauling can vary from road to road, city to city, and especially from state to state. De Mase Trucking researches every project extensively to plan the most effective route and to ensure compliance with all regulations. In addition, we secure all the necessary permits that the oversized load will require.

5. Company-owned pilot vehicles and operators
Many loads will require one or more pilot vehicles to be present while the load is in transit. De Mase utilizes a company owned fleet of pilot vehicles and operators to maximize efficiency and safety.

As you can see, when it comes to heavy hauling, there are numerous components that factor into a successful job. When all these components are integrated with the main focus being on safety, you set a standard of excellence and reliability that customers can depend on.

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