The many benefits of computerized inventory control

Posted by init357

Does your business rely on warehousing to store products before shipping them out? If so, it’s important to have a reliable way to manage and track inventory.

There’s nothing wrong with relying on manual pen and paper systems, but they leave plenty of room for human error. What’s more, as your business grows, this process becomes more time-consuming and tedious. Thankfully, there are plenty of software programs that make inventory management and tracking easy.

That’s where we come in. At De Mase Trucking & Rigging, we offer computerized inventory control as part of our warehousing and packing services. Computerized inventory control allows you to track orders and sales in real time, ensuring you never miss a beat. Every time you ship an order, the program tallies it, updating your inventory spreadsheet with each and every transaction.

Additional benefits include:

1.) Improved accuracy. Manually counting your inventory is a daunting task. It requires you to pay close attention and not overlook any product. If you had all the time in the world, this might be possible, but you don’t. As a business owner, you have lots of responsibilities. As a result, it’s easy to rush through the inventory management process, but that can result in mistakes. It’s a vicious cycle. Computerized inventory control eliminates the need for manual observation or entry. The software does the work so you can focus on other, more pressing issues.

2.) Lower risk of missing or damaged inventory. Missing and damaged inventory costs businesses millions of dollars each year. Administrative errors, vendor fraud, and dishonest employees can result in significant shrinkage, which can harm your bottom line. With computerized inventory control, you can easily track products and know exactly where it is at all times.

If you need help managing your inventory, count on us. Our facility features more than 60,000 square feet of indoor storage and more than 5.5 acres of outdoor storage. We have security cameras on-site and of course, computerized inventory control. To learn more, visit our website or call (201) 933-7775.

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